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Orientation Quebec was incorporated under Canadian law in 1991. Orientation Quebec is a Montreal-based company (CANADA) .It has also a branch in the state of Florida (U.S.A) under the name of JEG Services LLC.

Mr. Laurent Abitbol Chairman of Orientation Quebec & E.M.I. Group Inc has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Montreal . Mr. Abitbol has the knowledge and experience to help you and your family immigrate to Canada.



Laurent Abitbol is a member of the Canadian
Society of Immigration Consultants.

Mr. Abitbol is assisted by a staff of four with many years of working experience in the immigration field.

Mr.Laurent Abitbol is a member of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, a professional organization accredited by a law passed by the Canadian Government and responsible for regulating the activities of immigration consultants. Only members of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants and lawyers are authorized to submit requests to Immigration Canada. Regardless of the immigration consultant you choose it is important that he is a member of this professional organization.




Our services include the following steps:
• Free preliminary assessment of the candidate and if applicable his/her spouse .
• All information required at each stage of the immigration process.
• Draft and review of all government forms for the main applicant and dependents.
• List of supporting documents to be submitted.
• Submitting the file to the immigration office.
• Copy of file provided to the applicant.
• Complete briefing on government interview.
• Ongoing relations with embassies and consulates.
• Regular contacts with government representatives to follow up on each case.
• Information regarding education, employment, housing in Canada, etc.



The candidate must first send us the on-line evaluation form.

A candidate who qualifies and agrees to pay our professional fees receives a contract. He signs it and returns it to us, along with the first payment. If a candidate does not qualify, the procedure stops there.

As soon as we receive the signed contract and first payment, we send the information to the client so he may begin the procedure (application forms, list of required documents, instructions, etc).

The applicant prepares his file according to our instructions, and returns it to us.

We inform the client upon receipt of the file at our office. Then, we review the application forms and the papers to ensure that nothing is missing. If information or documents are required to complete the file, we communicate with the applicant and request by e-mail, by fax or by mail the required missing elements.

If the file is complete we send it to the proper immigration office by special courier. A copy of the application is forwarded to the client for reference purposes.

We follow up on the file until the interview takes place. A few weeks prior to the interview, we train the candidate over the phone. We explain the questions generally asked by the immigration officers during the interview.

After the interview is successfully completed, we follow up on the file until the permanent resident visa is issued.

Before the candidate arrives, we provide information about living in Canada.

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